DNX Whole Food Protein Bars

Whole30 Approved & Paleo Friendly

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DNX Whole Food Protein Bars

DNX Bars are the Best Whole Food Protein Bars in the Protein Bar and Whole Food Snack Market

DNX Bars are Paleo and Keto Friendly, Whole30 approved and sourced from 100% grass fed beef, grass fed bison and free range chicken combined with organic fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and spices. DNX Bars are whole food protein bars with no added sugar, sodium, artificial ingredients or preservatives. The grass fed beef, grass fed bison and free range chicken used are never given hormones or antibiotics so you can feel comfortable knowing that these healthy snacks are also safe for your children, in fact kids love DNX bars.

DNX Bars Are Paleo Friendly Protein Bars

DNX bars contain none of the foods or ingredients that are not allowed on the Paleo Diet. DNX uses only organic natural ingredients with no preservatives. Only 100% grass fed beef, grass fed bison and vegetarian fed free range chicken are used for the respective bars. The DNX Team follows a Paleo Diet so we know how important it is to adhere to strict guidelines in making a clean paleo protein bar.

We use only 100% grass fed beef and bison because not only is it leaner than non grass fed but it’s also much higher in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and the healthy fat known as CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid which is known for improving the immune system and having anti-inflammatory qualities. In addition grass fed beef has 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than grain fed cattle. This is because omega-3s are found in the green leaves of plants, predominantly in the chloroplasts. The predominant fat in these omega-3s is a fatty acid known as alpha-linoleic acid or LNA along with the CLA we mentioned above. Grass fed beef contains five times more CLA than grain fed cattle.

Because grass fed cattle are given no antibiotics they have a naturally strong immune system and are far less likely to harbor “superbugs” that have become immune to multiple classes of antibiotics which again makes grass fed beef better from a food safety standpoint. All of the grass fed beef protein bars and the grass fed bison bars contain roughly equal amounts of macronutrients, meaning about ⅓ protein, ⅓ carbs, and ⅓ fats. This means that they can truly be used as a meal replacement bar. Even though DNX Beef and Bison Bars contain around 5 grams of net carbs they can still be eaten on a ketogenic diet unless the person is being super restrictive in which case we recommend the Free Range Chicken Bar.

DNX Bars are Keto Compliant

The free range chicken used in the DNX Peri Peri Style Chicken Bar are completely vegetarian fed and are never given antibiotics or hormones. Most people these days are environmentally conscious and are concerned about sustainability in raising animals. The free range chicken used in DNX chicken bars are free to roam just as soon as they grow feathers. For those following a very tight carbohydrate restricted keto diet the free range chicken bar only contains 1 gram of net carbs with 13 grams of protein and only 60 calories. You could literally eat these all day long!

At DNX we partner with several companies in the Keto Community including the monthly subscription companies, Keto Krate and The Keto Box. We value these partnerships and are always seeking more in order to introduce our high quality clean protein bars to as many people as possible. Two of the best tasting of these delicious keto snacks are the DNX Free Range Chicken Bar and the DNX Grass Fed Bison Bar.

DNX Bars are Whole30 Approved and Whole30 Compliant

In the last quarter of 2017 DNX worked closely with Whole30 to reformulate DNX Bars to Melissa Hartwig’s exacting Whole30 requirements in order to be Whole30 Approved Bars. Of course this was an expensive project but well worth the time and effort to be able to bring our healthy Whole30 bars to the Whole30 Community. The great thing about the Whole30 Diet is that it really isn’t horribly restrictive. You can eat pretty much all the chicken, fish, and lean meat you want as well as vegetables. It’s simply clean eating very similar to The Paleo Diet.

Most of us don’t eat the right foods because we have learned bad habits over our lifetime and in doing so we have damaged our digestive system and gotten our metabolism off track. The Whole30 Program is designed to give your system a reboot, establish healthy habits, and boost your immune system. Many of the maladies that we suffer from can be attributed to the foods we eat and by changing what we put in our bodies they will go away. Eating legumes, dairy, grains, and sugar can cause an inflammatory response in the body causing issues such as low energy, aches and pains, digestive problems, skin problems, trouble losing weight and more. By eliminating these types of foods from our diet and replacing them with healthy whole foods we can rid ourselves of these issues and live a healthier and more pain free life. No matter what your flavor preferences are you can rest assured DNX has a Whole30 bar just perfect for you.

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