Whole30 Bars and The Whole30 Diet

Whole30 Bars are a great addition to the Whole30 Diet for in between snacks and even meal replacements. No matter what your flavor preference is DNX has a Whole30 bar for you.

The Whole30 Program was created in April of 2009 by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig with the premise of changing you life in just 30 days, hence the name “Whole30”. Most of us don’t eat the right foods because we have learned bad habits over our lifetime and in doing so we have damaged our digestive system and gotten our metabolism off track. The Whole30 Program is designed to give your system a reboot, establish healthy habits, and boost your immune system.

Whole30 Bars DNXMany of the maladies that we suffer from can be attributed to the foods we eat and by changing what we put in our bodies they will go away. Eating legumes, dairy, grains, and sugar can cause an inflammatory response in the body causing issues such as low energy, aches and pains, digestive problems, skin problems, trouble losing weight and more. By eliminating these types of foods from our diet and replacing them with healthy whole foods we can rid ourselves of these issues and live a healthier and more pain free life.

Whole30 helps you discover the foods that are hurting your body by completely eliminating them from your diet for 30 days so that your body can heal itself. This 30 day reset gives your body the time it needs to recover and bring your metabolism back into balance along with getting rid of systemic inflammation. Whole30 teaches you to recognize how the foods you’ve been eating all of your life can have negative impacts on your health and your daily life.

The Whole30 Program isn’t really a “diet” but just a different way of eating by restricting certain types of foods. This has made it successful for people that previously failed typical calorie counting diet programs.

 Benefits of Whole30

Can you stick with a program for 30 days if you KNOW that it will change your life forever?

This what we KNOW from the tens of thousands of other people who have followed the program for 30 days and then never went back to their old ways of eating. The 30 day program will completely transform your ideas about food, your cravings, you habits, and even how food tastes and what your body really wants. In many people it even has an impact on their emotional relationship with food and its affect on the body.

Do you feel that you need to lose some weight? Over 95% of those following the Whole30 Program experience weight loss and a healthier body composition and it happens with no calorie counting and no restriction of calories. Some of the positive benefits reported by participants include the following:

  • Improved athletic performance
  • High energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • A feeling of euphoria

Many people have deep rooted psychological issues with food, especially those that have suffered from eating disorders. People who stick with the Whole30 Program say that it totally altered the way they think about food and helped them get rid of unhealthy eating habits. Participants even report having a healthier image of their body and completely eliminating or at least reducing cravings for things like carbs and sugar in a big way.

Testimonials received from happy Whole30 participants have shown an improvement in many of the conditions below and in some cases complete eradication of the ailment:

• high blood pressure • high cholesterol • type 1 diabetes • type 2 diabetes• fibromyalgia • chronic fatigue • lupus • leaky gut syndrome • Crohn’s • IBS • Celiac disease • diverticulitis • ulcerative colitis • asthma • allergies • sinus infections • hives • skin conditions • endometriosis • PCOS • infertility • migraines • depression • bipolar disorder • heartburn • GERD • arthritis • joint pain • ADD • thyroid dysfunction • Lyme disease

Why not give the Whole30 program a try? You have nothing to lose but aches, pains, bad habits, and maybe some stubborn weight you’ve been trying to get off. And to keep it simple we even Whole30 Barshave you covered with healthy Whole30 Approved snacks like Whole30 bars. Many people will just have a Whole30 bar as a meal replacement when they aren’t feeling really hungry or just don’t feel like cooking a meal.

Join the tens of thousands of people that have changed their lives forever starting with a 30 day program that anyone can make it through. Once you experience the change from feeling sick and tired to feeling healthy and alive again you will never go back to eating the way you did before.

Start changing your life today with Whole30 and Whole30 bars

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